Custom FRET Peptides

Design & Synthesis of FRET and TR-FRET Peptide Substrates

CPC is an industry leader in developing and providing fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) and time resolved FRET (TR-FRET) peptide substrates for HTS assays to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

CPC has experience with a wide range of protease peptide substrates including: Aggrecanase, ADAMs, ACE-2, APCE, 2A protease, BACE1, Calpains, Capases, Carboxypeptidases, Caspases, Cathepsins, Chymopapain, Complement component C1s, CMV protease, ECE-1, Factor Xa, Furin, Granzyme K, HCV protease, HIV protease, HRV1, h Kallikreins, Interferon alpha A, Lethal Factor Protease, Malaria Aspartyl Proteinase, MMPs, Pepsin, Plasmin, Plasmepsin II, Proteinases, Protein Tyrosin Phosphatase, Renin, SARS, TACE, Thrombin, TEV protease, Trypsin and West Nile Virus Protease.

Several donor/quencher pairs have been used to develop FRET peptide substrate in CPC such as Mca/Dnp (Ex/Em=330nm/390nm), EDANS/Dabcyl (Ex/Em=340nm/490nm), 5-FAM/CPQ2, CP488/CPQ2 or other quencher (Ex/Em=490nm/520nm), 5-TAMRA/QSY7 (Ex/Em=547nm/574nm), Cy5/QSY21 (Ex/Em=650/670nm) and Eu(III) chelate/QSY-7 (Ex/Em=340nm/613nm) for TR-FRET.

The design and synthesis work in CPC for FRET and TR-FRET peptide substrates include modification of sequences, selection of donor/quencher pairs, improvement of FRET substrate solubility and quenching efficiency.

We have a wide range of ready-to-ship FRET peptide substrates. For custom peptide FRET substrates please submit a quotation request.

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