Why Choose CPC

With a professional team comprising more than 150 peptide experts and state-of-the-art ISO certified, US FDA inspected facility CPC offers a wide range of peptide products ranging from GMP grade peptides for clinical trials to generic peptide APIs and research grade peptides from mg to multi Kg scale.

Why Choose Chinese Peptide Company

Capabilities: Our GMP certified facility is equipped with all necessary equipments for manufacturing peptides under a variety of conditions with quantities ranging from research quantities to several kilograms. Our in-house capabilities include most analytical methods traditionally used for peptide APIs, such as: HPLC, UPLC, LC-MS, MALDI, NMR etc.

Expertise: Over the last 10 years, CPC has developed a wide range of technologies for making different type of peptides. This includes solid phase, solution phase and combination strategies as well as peptide modification techniques. A strong team of outstanding peptide chemists at CPC develop cutting edge technologies to make difficult peptides and also strive to improve existing methods to make the production cost-effective without compromising quality.

Quality: Ensuring superior quality according to customer’s requirement is main focus of our quality department. Most stringent and specific quality requirements according to FDA regulations are carried out by our QA team.

Customer Support and Technical Assistance: CPC always like to build a long term relationship with customers to serve them in a most efficient way. We are pleased to assist our customers throughout the peptide projects with any technical difficulties. We value and respect our customer needs and work wholeheartedly to help accomplish their goals as we believe that each peptide project is a step closer to discovery and commercialization of a potential drug.

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