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Located in Hangzhou, China, CPC serves scientists and researchers around the world by providing high quality peptides (both cGMP and non-cGMP grade), technical support and related services. This enables the researchers and pharmaceutical companies to move efficiently through different stages of drug discovery process all the way to large scale cGMP manufacturing and commercialization.

Initially, CPC started with its patented high-throughput PeptidEx® technology to supply customers with large numbers of individually purified peptides with significant cost savings. This led to the establishment of many other proprietary technologies that currently allows CPC to produce both cGMP and non-GMP peptides (gram to multiple Kg scale).

Focusing on technology, innovation and quality control, CPC was granted an ISO 9001:2008 certification and a full compliance license in cGMP production. Providing the highest quality peptides to the world's scientific community, at very competitive prices, is uncommon even though there are more than 100 peptide companies worldwide.

Despite so many companies, CPC is among only a handful of companies in the world that can claim both ISO Certification and cGMP licensing. In February 2012, we became the first peptide company to successfully pass US FDA inspection outside of US and Europe regions. On March 17, 2016 - CPC is pleased to announce that the CPC Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) facility in Hangzhou has successfully passed its fourth U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspection. High standards and compliance, to which CPC faithfully adheres, allow our customers to have the utmost confidence in the validity of their project.

CPC is founded by Dr. Shawn Lee who has dedicated the past 18 years to peptide science. During this time, he set up stringent quality standards for commercial peptide production and directed the manufacturing of both research and cGMP grade peptides. CPC currently has a state of the art, 143,600 sq ft production campus with >200 full time employees.

CPC has produced thousands of peptides ranging in quantity from milligrams to multiple kilograms with purities up to 99.99%. CPC possesses the ability to perform almost every available peptide modification with the exception of radio labeling. CPC is currently the preferred vendor for many of the world's top Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies and many Universities.

In July 2012, CPC started the development of a new 160,000 sq ft facility to house phase 3 clinical projects. Through this expansion, CPC is able to establish itself as a world leader in the peptide therapeutic market and will be able to provide our customers with a complete solution to their peptide needs from research quantities to commercial scale.

A versatile approach adopted by CPC in peptide manufacture employing different synthesis technologies coupled with extensive experience in peptide modifications and high quality bulk raw material sourcing allow us to extend competitive pricing to any stage of development for a peptide project.

We measure our success largely on the success of our customers in their peptide research, so we strive to be the highest quality peptide producer in the market. Typically, each peptide is shipped with a Certificate of Analysis, Solubility test, MS data, and HPLC chromatogram and CPC will take up any additional tests at the request of the customer.


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