Peptide Purity Grades

Purity of peptides is a critical factor that affects the success and meaningful outcome of a research project.

What peptide purity you need for your applications, we made it easy!

Purity of peptides is a critical factor that affects the success and meaningful outcome of a research project. Making a right choice of peptide purity is important while synthesizing a peptide for your applications. This will save time as well as costs during peptide synthesis.

CPC Chinese Peptide Company offers three different peptide purity grades to help you decide the right purity that suit your needs.

Peptides are purified using reverse-phase high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), though sometimes alternative methods such as ion exchange, dialysis, precipitation or gel filtration chromatography are also used.

CPC Chinese Peptide Company ships its peptides with HPLC and mass spectrometry (MS) results to verify the purity level and identity of the peptide. Amino acid analysis, solubility tests, sequencing, peptide content, counter-ion content and moisture also are done as per customer requests. Typically each peptide is delivered as a TFA salt form. For cell research, consider having peptides produced in acetate salt form.

CPC Chinese Peptide Company Offers Silver, Gold and Platinum Grade Peptides for Different Applications

SILVER GRADE PEPTIDES (Purity >70%): Suitable for a number of screening and research applications as shown below. Purity range of these peptides is from 70% to 84%.

●   Peptide Array and Screening Studies

●  Polyclonal Antibodies

●  Immunogenic Identification

●  Mutation Screening

●  Sequence Optimization

●  ELISA Tests

GOLD GRADE PEPTIDES (Purity >85%): Suitable for most qualitative and semi-quantitative biochemical assays. Purity range of these peptides is from 85% to 94%.

●  Phosphorylation Studies

●  Semi-quantitative Enzyme-Substrate Studies

●  Non-quantitative Peptide Blocking Studies for Western blotting and Immunocytochemistry

●  In-vitro Bioassays

●  Cell Attachment Studies

●  Epitope Mapping

●  Coupling to Chromatography Resins for Affinity Purifications

●  Antibody- Antigen Interaction Studies

●  Antigenic Peptides in Immune Lymphocyte Assays

PLATINUM GRADE PEPTIDES (Purity >95%): Recommended for quantitative assays and structural studies. Purity range of these peptides is from 95% to 99%.

●  Quantitative Blocking and Competitive Inhibition Assays

●  Quantitative Receptor-Ligand Interaction Studies

●  Quantitative Phosphorylation Studies & Quantitative Proteolysis Studies

●  In-vivo Studies & In-vitro Bioassays

●  Generating Standard Curves

●  Reference Standards & Diagnostic Kits

●  NMR spectroscopy Studies &Crystallography

●  Clinical Trials & Drug Studies

●  SAR Studies

Expert in PeptideCustom Synthesis

●  Glycopeptides

●  Lipopeptides (myristic acid, Palmitoyl)

●  Prenylated peptides

●  Chelating Peptide (DOTA, DTPA)

●  Dye labeled peptides

●  FRET & TR-FRET peptide substrates

●  Cyclic Peptides

●  Multiple disulfide bonds (toxins, defensins, relaxins)

●  Peptides with seleno-Cys and seleno-Met

●  Phosphorylation (multiple, Pmp & F2Dab)

●  ATP Analog-peptides

●  C-terminal modifications (CMK, Thio-ester)

●  Alkylation on Arg & Lys side chains

●  Main chain modified: peptides (N-methyl, ester, reduced amide)

●  Stable isotope labeling

●  Clickable Peptides

●  Stapled peptides

●  PEGylation

●  Sulfation (Tyr)

●  Peptide conjugation (KLH, BSA, Proteins)

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