Company established the EHS management system under the guidance of ISO14001 and OHSAS18001.
  • 1Environmental
    Total waste recycle, collection
    Organic waste, inorganic waste are collected and classified
    A government approved third party to pick up
  • 2Health and Safety
    Lab coat, safety glass and glove required for lab site
    Whole set of PPE (personal protective equipment) required for clean rooms
  • 3System and Procedure
    EHS policy and goal
    Sops for different jobs
    Incident reporting and investigation
  • 4Process Safety Evaluation
    Literature search and desk screen - Chemical/Process/Equipment
    Subcontractor for process safety test if needed
  • 5Risk management procedure
    Hazard identification analysis and control measures
    Alarm system
    Emergency planning and resonse
  • 6Site Management
    Site inspection (whole inspection weekly)
    Combustible gas alarm fixed in warehouse
    Explosion-proof lab and Portable combustible gas alarm (if necessary)